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Italy Minister Says He Is Cursed By African Spirits After Treating The First Black To “Monkey” Minister!

This story is quite bizarre.

The Italian politician Roberto Calderoli who sparked outrage when he compared the first black minister of Italy, of Congolese origin Cécile Kyenge to an orangutan (an ape species), says it is siege of minds African avengers. The man is not only prominent member of a party that does not like immigrants and diversity but also vice president of the Italian Senate

He plans to ask the pope to recommend an exorcist to fight the curse.

When Calderoli made racist statement, he apologized and refused to resign. In November, he took legal advice after being charged with defamation aggravated by racial discrimination.

The trial, according to The Independent, is underway.

Calderoli is now believed that the father of Kyenge, a tribal leader, has an African curse – “Macumba” on him as punishment for the remark.

Since his commentary “of the orangutan”, he had six surgeries, the death of his mother, broken bones and there is just one week, he discovered a 6-foot snake in the kitchen of his House.
Last year, Oggi Magazine filmed father Kyenge aged 75 years Clement Kikoko Kyenge performing a ceremony in the village of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Clement would have prayed to God that the racist politician repents.

Calderoli’s photo was placed on a mound close during the traditional ceremony.



Photos and video are disturbing. They put a picture of me in the middle of a termite mound. This is not a friendly message

Said Calderoli to Oggi mag when he saw the video.

He said that after the video, he suffered health crises and two friends gave him a lucky charm supposed to possess mystical healing powers but “two days later, it broke in two by himself even. An assistant told me that there are tremendous forces that act against me. ”


Mr. Kyenge later spoke to Oggi on recent incidents Calderoli.

He has answered:


A snake in the house is not a good sign and I’m not sure Calderoli did well to kill him.If when he apologized to Cecilia, he was sincere, it can feel comfortable. If, however, these apologies were not sincere, the ancestors can get angry.

It will not be surprising to see a Roberto Calderoli with a plane ticket to Kinshasa or Lubumbashi. How will the thrilling journey of an Italian with a dead snake in cooler?.



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