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Italy: Dozens Of Migrants Land On Sicily Beach, Disappear Into Thin Air.

Italian police are looking for dozens of migrants who landed clandestinely on 6 September on a beach in Giallonardo, near Agrigento in Sicily, before evaporating in the wild.

The bathers who took advantage of the beach of Giallonardo, near Agrigento, in the west of Sicily on September 6, were surprised to see a group of dozens of migrants landing on the sand.


Once on the beach, they began to run towards the land, before the arrival of the police. Since then, the police are still looking for the group of illegal immigrants.

The Italian island of Sicily, neighboring Sardinia, recently urged the Italian government to strengthen security measures on its coasts, given the extremely worrying migration situation  on the Mediterranean coast.

On 10 August, dozens of migrants had similarly landed on a Spanish beach in Cadizin the midst of a crowd of stupefied bathers before starting to run to the city before the police arrived.


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