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Italian Coastguard Rescues Thousands Of African Migrants And A 5-Day Old Baby At Libyan Shores!

The Italian Coastguard has helped in the rescue of about 6500 African migrants. Report says that these illegal migrants were mostly from Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria and Gambia.

For these range of reasons and perhaps more, citizens of these countries see the option of undergoing the excruciating option of sailing on overcrowded vessels; and in harsh weather conditions, to make a cross to Europe.

Illegal migration in Africa is fast becoming a norm. Despite the thousands of deaths at sea which should serve as a deterrent, many desperate Africans still see it as a necessary evil.

6500 African migrants

Sadly children have been victims of these illegal crossing at the Mediterranean. A 5-day old baby was included in the 6500 rescued African Migrants.

The world has never experienced illegal migration to the rate we have at present. United Nations says the world is undergoing the worst migration crisis since World War II.

Simultaneously, many parts of the world are going through economic hardship, intra-social conflicts and terrorism.

With the wars in Syria, there has been an estimated 1 million migrants from Syria and the Middle East patronizing the Mediterranean route.


The Italian coastguard says that the rescue of the 6500 African migrants at Libyan shores is about the highest operation they’ve ever conducted.

6500 African migrants1

The rescue of the 6500 African migrants took the co-ordination of 40 rescue operations. The rescue operation made use of ” vessels from Italy as well as the EU’s border agency Frontex and the NGOs Proactiva Open Arms and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).”- BBC

From May till August, over 21,300 illegal migrants have been rescued off same coast.

According to International Organization for Migration (IOM), 2016 has seen the arrival of an estimated 106,000 people in Italy and an overall 284,000 migrants who have crossed over to Europe. The organization says about 275,000 migrants in Libya are still waiting to travel.

Record says that the first half of this year has seen the crossing of 204,000 migrants from the Mediterranean to Europe.


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