It Is Still Too Early To Ascertain Full Impact Of COVID-19 On Africa

Ghana Elected to serve on WHO Executive Board - Ministry Of Health

Ghana’s Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman Manu, says it is still too early to ascertain the full impact of COVID-19 on Africa.

He delivered a statement on behalf of 46 members states of the World Health Organisation (WHO) African region during the WHO Executive Board Special Session on Tuesday.

The special session on the coronavirus provided an opportunity to discuss with member states and seek their guidance on the developments around the efforts to implement the strategic preparedness and response plan, as well as the actions taken to initiate the review by an independent panel.


Manu says, “It is still too early to ascertain the full impact of COVID-19 on Africa. Nevertheless the continent has fared much better thus far contrary to many predictions made at the beginning of the pandemic. The results so far have been mixed with various causes for concern, but also showing resilience of the African spirt. With the support of the WHO regional office, the African Union acted swiftly to endorse a joint continental strategy in February which has proved instrumental in complementing efforts by member states in the COVID-19 response.”


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