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“It Could Take At Least 20 Years For Another Athlete To Break My Record,” – Usain Bolt

Despite his recent retirement after suffering an injury at the World Championships in London, this year, Usain Bolt does not feel any pressure now that he is retired. He is confident that his best times will remain world records for decades.

The only sprinter in history to win the 100-meter and 200-meter titles in three consecutive games, Bolt announced his retirement last month at the end of the World Championships in London. The Jamaican holds the records of 9.58 seconds in the 100 meters and 19.19 seconds in the 200 meters, both made in Berlin in 2009.

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Speaking of his record career, he said: “I think they will last a long time,” Bolt predicted at a promotional event held in Japan on Tuesday.

“I think our time, with Yohan Blake, Justin Gatlin and Asafa Powell, was the best in terms of athletes. If my records were meant to be beaten, it would have happened in our time. For this reason, I think I still have for at least 15 or 20 years. I have nothing to prove, that’s the main reason I left the field. After doing everything you know, there’s no reason to stay there for long, “Bolt said.

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Throughout his career, Bolt captivated athletic fans with his charisma and smile. He is, however, unable to identify an athlete who, at this time, could valiantly replace him.


“I have a hard time choosing someone. What made me stand out, it is not only the fast times that I have realized but also my personality, which people have appreciated and loved. If you want to be a star in sports and support a sport, you have to let people know who you are as a person, not just as a track athlete. “

The delegation of Jamaica brought back only one medal of the world championships, a poor crop in view of all its past successes. Bolt is of the opinion that the young athletes of the country will have to take over now that he has left the scene.

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“What matters most in Jamaica is whether young people have this desire,” said Bolt. Over the years, I have learned that you want to become a great athlete. If you do not want it, it will not happen. ”

On the other hand, the desire to become a great athlete and to do what is necessary to achieve it are two very different things.

“I noticed that many young athletes, once they sign a first contract and start making money, lose their interest. Many are pleased to have signed a first contract, to have obtained a place in the team for the first time. If they are satisfied with that, we have problems.

“I hope that some of these young athletes will be hungry and will want to grow up. If we have these guys, everything will be fine. But for now, there’s nothing to be optimistic about, “says Bolt, who would like to play soccer one day, and get married.

“I always wanted to play soccer,” said Bolt, a big supporter of Manchester United. My team is working on it, but we have not confirmed anything yet. ”

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