Israel Used Its F-35s For The First Time In Combat

Israel has announced that it is the first country to have used the US F-35 multi-role fighter in combat. The Hebrew State was the first country outside the United States to acquire this device.

Israel  became the first country to   fire the F-35s . The Israeli state announced Tuesday, May 22 to have used in combat this stealthy American bomber fighter.

“We are flying the F-35 throughout the Middle East and we have already attacked twice on two different fronts,” said Israeli Air Force Chief General Amikam Norkin in a speech to the United States. leaders of 20 foreign air forces gathered in Israel.

General Norkin did not provide further details. In recent years, Israeli warplanes have been reported to have struck dozens of targets at its Syrian neighbor: positions of the Bashar al-Assad regime’s army, arms convoys bound for Lebanese Hezbollah and, more recently, facilities and equipment. Iranian equipment.

Shots against Iranian targets in Syria


The Israeli army struck May 10 as presenting dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria, in retaliation for the Iranian forces’ firing of rockets against its positions on the occupied and annexed part of the Golan Heights. by Israel.

Twenty-seven Syrian pro-regime fighters had been killed, including at least 11 Iranians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This operation had raised serious international concern about the risk of open confrontation between Israel and Iran. On May 10, the Iranians launched 32 rockets, said General Norkin while the Israeli army had reported up to twenty projectiles.

Manufactured by the US defense group Lockheed Martin, the F-35 is also known as Joint Strike Fighter and in Israel as Adir (mighty). The Hebrew State was the first country outside the United States to acquire this device. It received its first two copies, on a total order of 50 aircraft, in December 2016. According to Israeli media, at least nine hunters have now been delivered.

Technology jewels, the F-35 are presented by Israel as one of the answers to the “threat” Iran because deemed capable of going unnoticed S-300 missiles delivered to Iran by Russia.

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