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Israeli Government Orders Thousands Of African Migrants To Leave Country Or Face Imprisonment

Israel is notifying thousands of Africans who entered the country illegally that they have three months to leave or face incarceration.

The Population and Immigration Authority called this week on migrants from Sudan and Eritrea to leave “to their country or to a third country,” meaning Rwanda or Uganda. Those who leave by the end of March will be given $3,500, along with airfare and other incentives.

Israel: Government orders thousands of African migrants to leave country or face imprisonment

The Hotline for Migrant Workers, an advocacy group, condemned the move Tuesday, saying expulsions “put the refugees’ lives in danger.”


Thousands of Africans entered Israel before it erected a fence along its border with Egypt. Many say they fled conflict and persecution and seek refugee status. Israel calls them “infiltrators” and says they are mostly economic migrants whose numbers threaten its Jewish character.

What will happen to the migrants at the detention facility?

Last month, the government approved a bill to close the detention facility and expel its inhabitants to Rwanda, which has caused concern among some human rights groups. Israel and Rwanda also recently signed an agreement whereby asylum-seekers can be sent to Rwanda even without their consent.

The advocacy group, Hotline for Migrant Workers, told Ynet that the expulsions “put the refugees’ lives in danger.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the African migrants threaten the nation’s Jewish character.


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