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Ismaela Lo: “In Africa, It Is Abnormal To Throw A Citizen In Prison For Criticizing The Head Of State”

Internationally renowned artist, Ismaela Lo gave an interview to the newspaper Le Monde Afrique. Many topics have been tackled with the singer, songwriter Senegalese composer. Asked if he plans to record with Youssou N’Dour, Tiken Jah Fakoly or Salif Keïta a call for total mobilization against violent extremism in Africa, the so-called man orchestra retorts.

“We must seize this power of influence to plead tolerance, but also to call our political leaders to moderation, openness and tolerance. In my songs, I defend respect for the human, respect for tolerance.


The transition was all found by the international artist to demand more respect for human rights and tolerance on the part of some African leaders. According to Iso, one must relativistic and keep in mind that everything is ephemeral in this life.
“It is not acceptable that a citizen be thrown into prison in our countries for having had a criticism, even excessive, towards a president of the Republic. I say this because I consider that the political power and the power it confers are ephemeral things. You can be a billionaire today and find yourself penniless tomorrow, because nothing is eternal. See these new cities constructed ex nihilo, these monumental human achievements swept away in a minute by a tsunami, an earthquake or a landslide.

All this should lead us to put things into perspective and to promote mutual tolerance and understanding. I am sure that my point of view is shared by the other musicians you are talking about. This makes the project of collective mobilization against the terrorist threat possible. ”


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