Does Islam Forbid Women from Running for Public Office? Somalia’s 1st Female Presidential Aspirant asks after Series of Death Threat

Fadumo Dayib is the first female presidential aspirant in Somalia. According to her, she has received a number of death threats from terrorist group Al Shabaab and other Islamic entities following her decision to run for office. She took to her twitter handle to ask if Islam is against women contesting public office. See the tweets below..
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  1. A woman’s position is her family that is her sole reason for continuing to be left around and this has been this way since times of old but here lately everyone seems to be becoming clueless. To a musalima this is why her headship is so important because he can be her voice and to a submissive wife living a modest and humble lifestyle he is her everything but nowadays with things becoming so wicked they want and they are promoting woman to take the reigns away from men thereby causing the man to humble himself and his position just as the order was given for the woman to do. Women were deceived that was our crime for all eternity and if we are not careful we still can be and it was not felt by a higher authority than us all that we needed to continue to be as man’s “equal” it was a blessed position and we surrendered it to Satan’s will and nobody ever said that we were suppose to enjoy the predicament that we were left in it is to be a permanent reminder of what disobedience creates. Why now dose this Muslim women choose to follow the way of the world ??? Look closely at the lives and the lifestyles of those you choose to imitate and ask yourself what exactly have we learned from what happened so long ago…those positions are riddled with immortality something no woman claiming to be living a devout spiritual lifestyle should be jumping up and down to become apart of leave it to the hypocrites !

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