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ISIS Schools- Curriculum Covers Making Of Bombs And Planning Suicide Attacks, See Photos Of Newest Graduates!

ISIS is recruiting and turning education into a brainwashing avenue for the kids. The boys are taught how to kill, make bombs, rape, and take revenge on unbelievers as the the Westerners are called.

The girls however are stopped from schooling at a particular age and only made to have sex and sex the terrorists. That is their own college training!


Training children of foreign fighters to become ‘next generation’ of terrorists.
ISIS is showing kids how to make bombs while indoctrinating them with its jihadist philosophy, as indicated by guardians escaping its territories in Iraq.

Local people say that, “They replaced the schools with schools that taught boys how to fight, to make IEDs for example, how to make suicide attacks.”

The city is one of the largest in Iraq and the capital of Anbar Province, making its major territory by Isis in May 2015 a grave blow against the government.

Few of the women and children who had managed to escaped the terrorist group’s rule, including girls used as sex slaves who were repeatedly raped by its militants.
 Kids Demonstrating Stabbing Techniques On “How to make bomb”.

Older women expressed their feelings about their children, who were either unable to go to nearby schools or were themselves compelled to hold to ISIS extremist curriculum.


A few families have quit sending kids to school, expecting that schools can be bombing targets since ISIS fighters have utilized schools as bases, incorporating a kindergarten in Riyadh and a school in the Shirqat range, she said.

Before Isis there was a primary school for both girls and boys, but now there are no books, only Quran, nothing else. At the beginning they let girls go to school, but after that they stopped, after the beginning of 2015 refused to let girls over 12 to go to school.”

One 16-year-old young girl from Hawija portrayed the constrained educational modules offered by ISIS in her former hometown available as “brainwashing”.

A kid holding a barrel gun.


The UN Security Council has approached all political parties in the contention to forgo activities that obstruct children’s access to education.

ISIS is known to be using children as fighters and suicide bombers, and additionally featuring children including a four-year-old British kid as killer in its bloody propaganda videos.

It has released footage of training camps for what it calls the “Cubs of the Caliphate”.

Parents have previously reported that their children being sent home with Caucasian dolls dressed in orange jumpsuits to behead as “homework”..

Most were utilized to drive auto and truck bombs into military positions and other security targets, while others were executed in fight or in suicide assaults against regular folks.

But ISIS is using minors in a similar way as grown-ups, while normalizing child conscription under its administration and transparently bragging about the “cubs” training camps and hailing teenagers’ deaths on social media.

It has raised concern that regardless of the possibility that the terrorist group is defeated, their young volunteers could proceed with its ridiculous endeavors to build up a severe “caliphate”.


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