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ISIS Group Bans Christians In Raqqa, Syria From Leaving

According to reports, the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS is preventing the last Christians in Raqqa, Northern Syria from leaving.
The group Raqqa Is Being Silently Slaughtered (RIBSS) stated that the terrorist organization has put a new decree preventing both Christians and Armenians from leaving the ISIS controlled city.
One Wednesday, March 3, 2016, RIBSS tweeted that ISIS has banned Christians and Armenians from leaving the city.

“IS Issued a new decision to Prevent any Christians or Armenians people who Remain in #Raqqa to leave the city under any condition #Syria,” t

he group said.

Christians in Raqqa who were about 1500 before the Islamic terrorist group took over the city are now left with 25 families. The group said the remaining Christians in the city are living under harsh conditions.
The reason behind the ban is yet to be known.
According to RIBSS, half of the Christian families in Raqqa were Greek Orthodox worshippers while the other half were of different Christian denominations.
The RIBSS website listed the injustice Christians in Raqqa lived in.

Christians are obliged to pay tribute to all of their males, four dinars amount of gold to the rich people, and half of that on the middle course, and half of it to the poor.
Not to build monastery and church or silo of monk in the city or around and not to renew what ruined of them.
Not to show any cross or and of their books in front of the Muslims or in their markets and not to use loudspeakers when performing their prayers, as well as the rest of their worship.
Not to let recite their books and voices of bells heard by Muslims and keep it inside the church.
Not to do any acts of aggression against the Islamic state.
Not prevent anyone from Christians to convert to Islam if he wanted it
Not trade in the sale of pork and alcohol with the Muslims or in their markets, and not to drink it publicly

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