Isabelle Dinoire, World’s First Face Transplant Patient Dies at 49

The French woman who received the world’s first partial face transplant after her pet Labrador attacked her and disfigured has died at the age of 49. The mother of 2 had the surgery in 2005 by doctors Bernard Devauchelle and Jean-Michel Dubernard and died 11 years after the surgery that set the stage for dozens of other transplants all around the world.

The Amiens University Hospital in northern France announced Isabelle Dinoire’s death on Tuesday, saying that she died back in April after a long illness, but kept quiet about it because her family wanted her death kept private. The hospital didn’t release any further details and it wasn’t clear if her illness was related to the transplant.


According medical professionals, medications that patients who receive new organs take to prevent their bodies from rejecting the new organs, can cause other illnesses and have severe side effects.

Source: ABC


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