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Is the Popular Mr Bean Really Dead? (Photos)

The famous actor, Rowan Atkinson, better known under the pseudonym Mr Bean is once again the target of a rumor announcing his death. But the star is beautiful and alive.

The Hoax Slayer website, quoted by People, reports that this recent hoax about Mr. Bean’s 63-year-old death was an attempt to spread a computer virus. The rumor was of a traffic accident in which the famous actor died.

In the publications shared on social networks, we see a car of the actor accompanied by the legend: “Rest in peace. Rowan Atkinson “MR. BEAN “. Date of birth January 6, 1955- Date of death July 18, 2018. We love you and we will miss you. “


People: Is Mr Bean really dead?  (Photos)

Moreover, as soon as the information started to spread on Facebook and Twitter, fans began to offer their condolences following the “death” of Atkinson.

This is the third time a rumor announces the death of Mr. Bean, the last two being in March and July 2017. These rumors were an attempt to scam.

Indeed, after clicking on the link of the information, the Net surfers were directed to an error page affirming that the computer was “lockdown”. After that, the user was asked to contact a “support number” to unlock the system. This support number turned out to be a fake number to extract personal information such as credit card information and other bank details.

People: Is Mr Bean really dead?  (Photos)

Mr Bean is just the last celebrity to be a victim of this kind of hoax. Actor Jeff Goldblum of Jurassic Park was also announced for death in 2009.


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