Is Nigerian Jollof Really Better Than Ghanaian Jollof?

By Gift Esege
Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo, recently reacted to the war of words between Nigeria and Ghana on which Country’s Jollof is better- which has been trailing social media platforms over the last few weeks.
plate of jollof rice with chicken
Professor Osibanjo in his humorous address at the Covenant Christian Centre, The Platform, said Nigerian Jollof is better than Ghanaian and Senegalese.
The heated social media engagement began when the Nigerian Minister of information, Mr. Lai Mohammed told CNN anchor who recently visited Nigeria, Mr. Richard Quest that Senegal makes the best Jollof Rice.
Nigerians who were following the live discussions were quick to express their anger at the Minister. In the bid to clear the air, Quest addressed said Mohammed answered without understanding the questions, and the anchor ended with saying, “it’s just Rice”.
Is it just rice?
There are two types of Jollof rice in Nigeria: the regular home cooked one, which is nice; and the “Party Jollof rice” which is epic. Party Jollof Rice is mostly sought after as it is in a league of its own – that awesome smoky taste is why parties- popularly called Owambe- attract large crowds in Nigeria.
The Ghanaian Jollof Rice is different from the Nigerian one. The Ghanaian preference is Thai Jasmine- a perfumed more starchy rice which is called “basmati”. The average Ghanaian can’t stand the long grain rice Nigerians eat. They say it’s not sweet and the grains are too fat. (It’s a thing). Ghanaians also love spicy food. The more peppery, the better they love it. So the jollof rice is often accompanied with “shito” – a peppery oily condiment made from onions, shrimp, ginger, and peppers served in small plastic containers.
Though the desire for Jollof Rice in Nigeria and Ghana runs deep as the meal is the most demanded delicacy, one could easily see that the social media banter represents both countries battle of supremacy on the political, economic, sports, entertainment, among other spectrums of the society.

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