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Is Julius Malema The South Africa Version of Donald Trump?

As the US president-elect, Donald Trump is largely described as a threat to the United States as a whole, so also is Julius Malema says a writer, Ralph Mathekga.

The world is still in shock over the sudden victory of the US elect, Donald J Trump, even as many view his victory as the origin of US’ eventual collapse.

However, a columnist who seemed concerned at the political upturn in the country, said the defiant EFF leader, Malema has the same qualities and political ideas as Trump.

Mathekga said the recently concluded election in America brings to bare a growing phenomenon showing that nations are willing to entertain leaders who seek to challenge normal politics. “This is not limited to America”

“Here in South Africa we have also seen an interesting phenomenon that I call the politics of disruption, where the EFF has sought to disrupt normal politics because it just doesn’t produce the desired results as the party would have it.

“Quite ironically, in South Africa those who are considered to represent stability and normality in our politics have themselves come to power on the anti-establishment ticket.”

The writer further noted that the world is constantly shifting away from compromises and as such, it’s no longer fashionable and politically rewarding for political leaders to make superfluous promises or make you work with those who hold opposite ideas as you.

He made mention of Julius Malema saying he would hold back on a plan to “slaughter” whites – until further notice. He said this is Malema’s way of Persuading people by way of reasoning, which most politicians lack.


“Because Malema will never actually slaughter whites, it’s okay for him to make those comments. Those comments, it is believed, will ensure that whites live in fear and probably offer something so that they can be spared.

“It is believed Trump will not build a wall, but his statement will stop Mexicans from crossing into America. Zuma will never institute a dictatorship; he’s simply trying to deal with the bad attitude of people in a democracy – including the students who are abusing their democratic rights to keep protesting. “

To Mathekga, the problem with the dismissive attitude towards extreme ideas is that it solely relies on the laziness or lack of commitment by those individuals propagating such ideas.

“Now the world will have to rely on Trump’s laziness and that he will not get to carry out the work of building a wall. Or that Malema is too incompetent to carry out his threat of slaughtering whites,” he said.

Meanwhile, a writer in another piece, described Malema as that astute political player who knows how to play to the gallery.

The writer said Julius Malema has an understanding of the South African political landscape that most of those who hate him do not grasp.

“Hate him or love him, Malema has chosen to operate in the populist space that has been created by one of the biggest gaps in the world between the haves and have­nots

“The racial character of that gap makes it easy for a populist to step in and threaten one race while whipping up the emotions of the dispossessed or those who simply do not possess,” he said.



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