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“Is It A Crime To Be A Ugandan In Uganda?” – Activist Stella Nyanzi Cries Out After She Was Arrested By Armed Officers

Ugandan lecturer and activist, Dr Stella Nyanzi who is aspiring to become Kampala Woman Member of Parliament has been arrested at the Uganda-Kenya border in Busia town.


It was gathered that Dr Nyanzi had crossed the border to Kenya through a porous border point.


On her way back to Uganda with her political assistant and photographer at about 9 pm on Saturday, September 19, she was intercepted at a petrol station by a combined security team including the army, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, police and other security agencies.


Taking to her official Facebook page on Sunday morning, Dr Nyanzi  said she spent the night in jail and questioned the reason for her arrest,


“I am back in Uganda. After getting into my country with my political assistant, my photographer and my driver, we crossed the Busia border and went to collect our car that was parked at the Shell Petrol Station.


I quickly got into the car. A man dressed in layer, intercepted us, refused my team to enter the car, threatened to shoot at us if we drove the car away and then blocked our exit with his car (number plate UBF398P). He is armed with a pistol in the pockets of his shorts. He is threatening us with arrest.


I wonder why these military boys think that they can bully us in our country. Yoweri Museveni crossed our border and went to another country. Nothing was done to him by men with guns upon entry. What have we done wrong?


Update after thirty minutes:
A car full of big men with stomachs in layer, thin black armed LDUs carrying AK47s and four military policemen wearing military camouflage have now surrounded my car. They are shouting at me to get out of the car. I have shouted back at them to ask what I have done wrong. I reminded them that I am a Ugandan in Uganda and that this is not a crime. They are accusing me of being a Ugandan who has re-entered Uganda from Kenya. Why didn’t they intercept dictator Yoweri Museveni and accuse him of re-entering Uganda from Tanzania earlier this week?


Second update:
The armed men have forced my car boot open. They are ordering me to drive with them to the police station in Busia. I have explained to them that I do not drive because of my poor health. I have also told them to bring a police woman with her identification, wearing a mask, sanitized hands and that she should practice social distance when she is with me. They shouted back at me and are consulting among themselves.

Was dictator Museveni threatened and accosted by armed men who broke into his car when he returned to Uganda from Tanzania earlier this week? Why should a throng of unidentified men with guns come without a single policewoman to arrest me? Why should they bring all their crooked penises armed with all sorts of guns to arrest a single vagina? What crime have I committed? I am a Ugandan in Uganda. Is this a crime?



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