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Is Africa On This List Of Top 10 Largest Oil Consuming Countries

The following rundown contains the top oil expending countries in the world. In spite of the fact that businesses are keen on utilizing green and sustainable energies, the reality remains that we are still particularly subordinate on oil, and the oil utilization on the planet is as yet developing. There’s likewise a relationship between’s the biggest oil devouring nations and the largest oil delivering nations

1. United States – 18.84 million oil barrels / day – United states is the largest oil consumer in the world, but is also the third largest oil producer, with a production of  8.45 million barrels a day

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: The United States


2. China – 9.8 million oil barrels / day – While China has the largest populace in the world with more than 1.3 billion occupants, it comes next with regards to oil utilization. China expends simply finished a large portion of the utilization of the United States. China is likewise fifth with regards to oil creation

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: China


3. Japan – 4.46 million oil barrels / day – Japan’s consumption is less than half of China, but Japan almost doesn’t produce oil at all

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: Japan

4. India – 3.3 million oil barrels / day – The second largest population in the world is the 4th largest consumer of oil

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: India



5. Russia – 3.2 million oil barrels / day – Russia is the largest oil producer in the world with a production of 10.9 million oil barrels every day. This means that Russia is the first country in this list that produces more oil than it uses

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: Russia


6. Saudi Arabia – 2.81 million oil barrels / day – Saudi Arabia is the 6th largest oil consumer, but is also the second largest oil producer with almost 10 million barrels produces a day

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: Saudi Arabia


7. Brazil – 2.6 million oil barrels / day – Brazil has the 5th largest population in the world which in a way correlates with it being the 7th largest oil consumer

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: Brazil

8. Germany – 2.4 million oil barrels / day – The only Western European country among the top oil consumers

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: Germany


9. South Korea – 2.3 million oil barrels / day

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: South Korea


10. Canada – 2.26 million oil barrels / day – Canada closes the list with a consumption of 2.26 million barrels a day. Canada is also the 6th largest oil producer with a production that exceeds its consumption: 3.59 million barrels a day

Largest Oil Consuming Countries: Canada


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