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Ironically, Donald Trump Thanks Putin For The Expulsion Of 755 US Diplomats!! – “I’m Very Grateful”

US President Donald Trump says he is “very grateful” to Russian President Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 US diplomats because the elimination of their payroll has reduced government costs

These remarks are the first reactions of the American president since the expulsion by the Russian powers of hundreds of diplomats and American personnel at the end of July of Russia.

Donald Trump

I want to thank him because we are trying to cut back on our spending and, as far as I’m concerned, I am very grateful that he is separating from a lot of people because now we have lower spending.

“Said Donald Trump, continuing in these words:

There is no real reason for them (diplomats) to return. I greatly appreciate the fact that we have been able to reduce the bill in the United States. We will save a lot of money.

US embassy and consulate staff will have to be reduced from 755 to 455, which is the same for the Russian representation in the United States.

This measure, of unprecedented magnitude, concerns all staff, and will therefore affect the Russian local staff.

Earlier this week, Unknowns staged a performance on the American President’s “Trump Soho”, projecting an image of Vladimir Putin on the wall of the building with the entries “Happy Aid, Brother” and “Courage , Brother! “.

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