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Ireland: A Malawian Allegedly Takes a Bag of Cannabis He Purchased to Police to Complain ‘It Wasn’t of Good Quality’

In a country where cannabis is strictly illegal, this African man decided to do the unthinkable.


A Malawian man living in Ireland took a bag of Cannabis he had purchased to a Police station to complain that “it was not of good quality”. He was immediately arrested.

The man, identified by the Irish press as Arthur Liwembe, presented the cannabis to an officer on duty to say he was not happy with his purchase and wanted to file a complaint.

Judge John Hughes said Liwembe’s behaviour was “illogical to say the least” and was indicative of a cannabis-induced “psychosis”.

He adjourned the case for a probation report.

Liwembe, a former student nurse with an address at an asylum-seekers’ reception centre, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of cannabis and other charges.

Dublin District Court documents indicate that Liwembe went to Kilmainham Police Station last July where he produced a bag of cannabis valued at K8 thousand (€10) from his pocket.

The 33 year-old Malawian went to Ireland in 2012 as a student nurse but his visa ran out. He then applied for residency on the basis of having an Irish-born child.


Credit: Malawi24


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