Iranian General to Donald Trump “Americans Will be Slapped If They Make a Mistake”

Relations between Iran and the United States could further deteriorate very seriously in the coming days. The head of the Iranian army has warned Donald Trump.

Donald Trump had threatened, a few days ago, to attack the Iranian fast boats of the IRGC which attacked the American navy a month ago.


Reacting to the words of the American president, General Abolfazi Shekarchi replied rather curtly:

“They will be slapped if they make a mistake and it will be a justifiable slap,” he threatened, before wondering about the motive of the American presence in the area.

“We constantly criticize our enemies, the Americans, and ask them what they are doing in this region and in the Persian Gulf. (…) Not only do they have no answer to this question, but they also harass us and violate international law, ”said the army spokesman. Abolfazi Shekarchi finally explained that all ships have the right to pass into the Persian Gulf, and that the Americans will be “slapped harder than before, because we are not joking about the defense of our country”.


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