Invest in Agriculture! President Museveni Urges Ugandans

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is encouraging residents to put their assets in horticulture, as indicated by a late official statement from the statehouse. Amid a visit to Luweero District, the president strolled from house to house amid a three-day voyage through the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) extend. As per the Ministry of Defense, OWC plans to annihilate neediness in the nation through economical horticultural generation.

The Ministry takes note of that while the venture has had its triumphs, it likewise has confronted challenges, including post-reap misfortunes, low levels of financing, frail between ecclesiastical and sectoral linkages, and quality issues for both rearing and planting information sources and yields.

The emphasis on agriculture as a key economic pillar is highlighted in the “Agricultural Sector 2014-15 Annual Monitoring Report,” which notes that farming has the potential to lift the Ugandan economy to middle-income status by 2040.

Following the tour, the president posted tweets documenting what he observed from his visit:

The country’s ruling party, the National Resistance Movement, has advised families that own at least four acres of land to reserve an acre each for planting coffee, growing fruits and vegetables, and maintaining pastures for animal grazing.

The president said families that follow the government’s suggestions could earn $3,200 to $5,200 a year.

He also announced that the government will provide 35 homes per village with coffee, tea, or cocoa seeds to promote the initiative.

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