Interstitium; Scientists Discover New Organ in the Human Body

Scientists believe that they have just discovered a new organ in the body of man that no one knew before.

A new study published Monday, March 27, says that the new organ discovered is called interstitium. Interstitium is a network of tubes filled with fluid all around the body that could act as a shock absorber. Unfortunately, this organ could also act as a conduit for cancer cells to move to different parts of the body. However, knowledge could lead to new treatments and better understanding.

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If it is an organ, it could be the largest of the 80 human organs, found under the skin and which also cover the veins and arteries, muscles, intestine and any visceral organ. Previously, scientists had seen it, but believed it was made of dense connective tissue. When the slides were examined, that was what it looked like, because to make a slide, the liquid is evacuated as part of the process.

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His true nature was achieved during a routine endoscopy, looking at a patient’s bile duct. The doctors noticed what looked like a network of capillaries, but they clearly could not do it because they would have used the fluorescent dye they used. Previously, we knew there was fluid between cells (known as interstitial fluid), but we did not think it was contained in a network like this.

Dr. Neil Theise, a pathologist at New York University, said, “This discovery could lead to dramatic advances in medicine, including the potential for direct interstitial fluid sampling to become a powerful diagnostic tool. We have a new window on the mechanism of tumor propagation. “

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