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International Women’s Day: ECOWAS Decries Weak Presence of Women in ICT

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, ECOWAS reports on the low rate of women in the field of information and communication technologies. In its desire to promote gender, the international organization has rolled out its program center for the development of gender. The theme required was “information and communication technologies as tools for empowering and integrating women in West Africa”.

An ECOWAS communiqué on the issue says that ICTs “are today an area where women have very little presence in West Africa”.


Moreover, according to a United Nations study, “reducing the digital gap between women and men is crucial, as 200 million women are less connected than men to the internet, while 90% of future jobs will require a minimum of digital knowledge. The low level of education and accessibility to infrastructures and technologies explains this situation; and yet, ICTs make it easy for women to access information that contributes to their empowerment, thus strengthening their ability to take charge of health, economic, social and political issues. ”

Material support for women
The 8th of March is an opportunity for ECOWAS to equip women with materials. Indeed, the communiqué indicates that it “will be marked by a series of activities at the level of the Commission of ECOWAS”. The same source also informs that there will be support for equipment and materials for “processing of agricultural products in a member country”. In addition, the institution plans to organize an information day for the press and “strategic partners of the ECOWAS Gender Center in Dakar”.

On this occasion, the project “50 Million Women Speak Platform” will be highlighted.


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