International Exhibition of Agriculture in Paris: Algeria Well Represented With 15 Exhibitors

Held in Paris over a period of nine days, from February 24 to March 4, the international agricultural fair saw the participation of Algeria, and this after an absence of 25 years, in an appointment that welcomes more 600,000 visitors for a thousand exhibitors. More than fifteen companies exhibited products of the Algerian soil.

This year, Algerian participation was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries. The latter had agreed that the National Chamber of Agriculture should organize this pavilion and finance the participation of exhibitors at 50%. On a space of 90 square meters, the pavilion brings together public companies overseen by the Gvapro group, and private companies from which some who were already present last year, such as “Lahlou House”, “the Kingdom of Fig “,” Sud Dates “,” Ifri or the Thala cannery “. Others are first-time participants, such as “Ramdy” or “Safran Tariki”.


On the exposed products, we find the dates named in Algeria by “Deglet Nour”, dairy products, figs, couscous, olive oil, and the novelty of this year, fruits and vegetables, saffron, oils essential, aromatic plants and carob. “People are surprised to learn that saffron, essential oils and bio also exist in Algeria. “We are told visits by professionals in the sector who want nothing better than to visit farms and do business in Algeria.

All we can say is that the Algerian presence at the show is part of the process of diversification of the Algerian economy in anticipation of post-hydrocarbon. “We want to promote our agricultural and local products, and find a place in the European and global market. We had some promising meetings, particularly with the president of the vegetable producers of France and the permanent assembly of the French chambers of agriculture. “. These are the words of Kouider.M, who is none other than the Secretary General of the National Chamber of Agriculture (CNA).

Note also that in front of the stands, the Algerian visitors do not hide their emotion and stop with astonishment at the fruits and vegetables. Algerian dates are very popular among visitors from all walks of life. In short, the show was an opportunity for exhibitors to give visibility to their products and to meet a different audience. The attendees at this show insist on the quality of Algerian products.


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