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Interesting!! Top Women Reveal 12 Most Common Mistakes Virtually All Men Make In Bed! MUST READ!

Slowly, women are now opening up the most common mistakes that their partners are actually committing in bed. They claim that they couldn’t directly say it to their partner because they might getinsulted for not being able to satisfy them, that’s why they ended up doing this.
Mistakes that men make in bed:
1. Setting the environment right
– Women always look at the most romantic things that their partner do that’s why it is necessary for men to always set a romantic environment to make things more exciting!
2. Skipping foreplay
– This is the part where the woman feel realxed and comfortable that’s why you should never skip it.
3. Getting hasty
– Women feels violated when men tries to move fast and hasty!
4. Ignoring her body language
– Despite that she’s already showing clear signs, men still ignore it which leads to disappointment of women.
5. Being too quiet
– Women loves it when their partner is releasing the right amount of noise.
6. Listen
– Always listen to what she wants and she’ll surely do the same thing.
7. She’s not done when you’re done
– Not because you’re already done, doesn’t mean that she’s already done too. Sometimes women are left unsatisfied.
8. Not understanding the body
– Women don’t find it pleasing when men acts harshly because of their sensitive bodies.
9. Zones and spots
– Try to learn the spots and the zones to have a more exciting and pleasurable time.

10. Trying too many things
– It is for real that women love the adventurous side of men, but some times, it’s too much.
11. Awkward kissing 
– Kissing should be done passionately not sloppy.
12. Women parts aren’t the same as men’s
– Never think that your body parts are the same as the body parts of women.

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