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Interesting Tips: The 10 Lessons Of A Typical African Grandmother To Her Granddaughter!!

A woman shared the lessons of life that her grandmother taught her. Indeed, in African culture, the grandmother plays an important role in the education of her grandchildren. She lavishes in addition to her affection, advice and wisdom. It is the case that this woman who has retained a dozen that is shared with you.

1- A woman should not leave her room in the morning without making her bed.


2- A woman must learn to close her legs and sit well in public.

3- A woman must treat her body with respect and dignity.

4- When your brother asks you for a reasonable service, give him this service without sulking.

5. A united family is an imperturbable force.

6- A mother of a family puts the happiness of her family before her own happiness.

7- You can educate your child as well as you can, he can never have a heart like yours. So do not blame yourself if he makes bad choices; He will learn from them. But we should never stop praying for

8- Never punish your child when you are angry. Punish him to learn his lesson, not to be terrorized.

9- A woman is the force that raises her husband when the husband is shot.

10- Never take anything for granted, but in all things, one must be grateful.


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