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INTERESTING!! Gucci Announces Its Next Campaign Will Include ONLY The Black Models (VIDEOS)

It seems that Gucci’s next pre fall campaign might include only black models. The brand is trying to add diversity to its model lineup by adding more trans, fat and models of color or some combination. However there are critics of the new diversity campaign claiming that having only black models for the sake of having black models is racist by itself

A new report indicates that Gucci’s next pre-fall campaign might include only black models.

The new idea is that Gucci is attempting to diversify its model lineup by including more people of color, trans people and plus sized people.

Audition tapes of the new casting have appeared on Gucci’s Instagram and Twitter. In the video we can see nine black models going through the casting process, which included asking what their spirit animal was and ‘what does it mean to have soul?’

In addition to that they were asked to dance because according to Gucci: “Dance is an important part of this story and consequently, the casting reflects this.”

However many criticize these casting choices claiming that by trying to add more diversity they are actually being racist by including only black women.


Recently Kanye West was criticized for having only black female models on his catwalk. It could have seemed to some that Kanye was trying to promote his work to a certain race and exclude others from purchasing his products.


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