Interesting Facts About Gorillas You Need To Know (You wouldn’t believe the last one)

Gorilla with its newborn | Photo credits: |
Gorilla with its newborn | Photo credits: |
Interesting facts about gorillas that we need to know. Humans are gifted in too many ways and one of the ways we use this gifts is by studying the things around us, how they are, and what we need to know about the environment as well. It should be of interests also for us to take some few minutes to give attention to some interesting things and often ignored facts about this primates known as gorilla.

This is particularly interesting because much like we humans, there are  too many things we have in common with the  gorillas, but more especially with the baby gorillas.

Do you know that baby gorillas share much in common with the humans babies?

Gorillas are emotional just like humans and could be affected by sad events | Photo credits:

To start with, humans share about 98.3 percent of their DNA with gorillas, it’s a fact and not only that, this largest living primates exhibits so many other traits in common with humans. Gorillas are emotional, just like humans who could both laugh and cry for some reasons.

Newborn gorillas weigh about 3 to 4 pounds, an average weights of human babies is around 7 pounds but some times human babies can weigh 3 to 4 too while adult gorillas can even compete with humans in weight.


It takes baby gorillas some two months to learn to cling their mother’s back, and to crawl. And it takes nine months before they learn how to walk around. Not too different from human babies.

The newborn gorillas stays with their mothers for about three to four years, exactly how long a female gorillas waits between pregnancies on the average.

Again considering their age and to treat them like the babies they are, Nursing gorillas usually share a nest with their

Gorilla with her baby warmly and affectionately cuddled during sleep | Photo credits:

babies on the ground instead of staying on top the trees for the convenience of the newborns just like human toddlers are treated by their mothers. They are very caring and doesn’t take risks with their babies.

Male gorillas mature at the age of 11 whereas the female do so at eight years of age. If left in the wild, gorillas live for about 35years as against 50 years if kept in captivity. That tells you a little bit about how much they need protection.

At the age of 10-12  years, they are ready to start thinking about their own families by forming a new group of their own as adults and eventually leave home, just like humans do when they are of age.

Water are not really gorillas problem as they get all the moisture they need from the foods they eat and from the morning dew.

Gorillas usually nurse their babies for about two and half years, breastfeeding their babies just like humans.

Gorilla breastfeeding its baby | Photo credits:

They can play with their babies, caress them, and do whatever they could as loving mothers to protect their young ones

It takes about 8 ½ months from conception for the gorilla to give birth and sometimes gorillas deliver twins just like the humans do.


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