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Interesting!! Beyonce Stops Her Show For Her Backup Dancer’s Surprise Proposal!

Over the weekend, Beyonce’s longtime lead dancer, Ashley Everette stole the show briefly when her boyfriend surprised her with a proposal on stage.Beyonce and he crew who stopped at the St. Louis, Missouri for the Formation World Tour, orchestrated the whole surprise and funny enough, it happened during her “single ladies” performance.

Beyonce stops her show for her backup dancer's surprise proposal!

During the performance which Everett was in the original video, queen Bey paused to announce, “I think it’s somebody I want to bring on the stage.” She pump-faked the crowd into thinking it would be a lucky fan, but instead it was Everett’s boyfriend, John Silver.

The queen passed the mic to Silver and the feels start to take over as he hugs Everett.

“Baby, I know that you don’t think that I express my love to you in front of everybody, so I feel like what better time than now to do it in front of thousands and thousands of people,” Silver said before he popped the question and his bride-to-be said yes!

Beyonce stops her show for her backup dancer's surprise proposal!

“So I put a ring on it. Thank you, Bey,” he said.

After a congrats from Bey, the music commenced and the ladies effortlessly finished the “Single Ladies” choreography without missing a beat.

Ashley took to her instagram to share her excitement.

Silver also posted his excitement, saying that he “almost threw up my balls” before he went on stage.

Watch the whole video below


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