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INTERESTING! ‘Afro Pizzaïolos’: Africans Now Conquering Pizza In New York!

Not far from the mythical Apollo Theater, it is here that Salif has implanted his Pizzeria Crêperie, a combination that according to him was self-evident.


“Yes, it’s crepe and pizza, it’s never been done.” I said to myself, “Bing!” Pizza crêperie, flour, oil, butter, milk, sugar. fact.”

Despite the 9000 pizzerias listed only in the city of New York, Yes-Yes-pizza-and-pancakes has gradually made a loyal clientele. Its secret, its sauce.

“I have a sauce, I make a special blend of my sauce.” As soon as you eat it you say wow, the sauce … frankly, the sauce, “says Salif.

With 38 billion of turnover dollar , the pizza market is booming. 3 billion pizza are sold each year in the USA and for most of the pizzerias of the place, 70% of the sales are in delivery.

Salif continued: “I decided to buy electric scooters. It’s fast and it’s electric, it’s” green. “

His success, Salif did not obtain it without sacrifice, but it is his sense of mutual help which gives him the most satisfaction.


“Most of them have never tasted pizza in their lives … never, so I teach them everything from A to Z. If I had only Mexican or white Mexican employees, not Africans, I do not think I would have won much more money, it’s sad to say but it’s true, sometimes I tell myself I’m going to put only whites and I’ll win ten times more. Mexicans, it’s a little cheaper and more, and then, people will have less prejudices.When people pass and everything, they fuck lead. [They say] There are only “renois” there -in there they make waouh pizzas! That makes me happy. “

Salif continued: “I see a lot of Africans who come and do not speak the language, they do not speak either Bambara or Peul, or moré … the guys, they come and they open shops. My potto who is there and all, he started as a diver.Today he has three bars.It makes tunes to death.As a diver he started the guy.I started as a ” Delivery guy “.”

“My life is beautiful, it is the people who make it difficult for you, Mali I adore, I have not been there for a long time, but after I invested here and I A bit of tune is Africa … I advise everyone. Whether it is “robeux, renois”, the future is the corn.

“You do not want to close your jacket there, you’re not cold?” Salif asked his son.

“The family thanks to God I am blessed I want my children to be near me all the time They come, they help, they watch how it goes, they make the boxes … As I said all the time, Hour he knows how to make the cash, the other also makes the cash.

Tonight, for Salif, it is a new evening spent hand in hand to build his entrepreneurial dream. A dream that has been going on for eight years now and as he himself says, is not ready to stop now.


Written by How Africa

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