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Interesting!! 7 African Women Find Out They Are Dating The Same Man!!

October 3 was National Boyfriend Day, an unofficial holiday. 7 women found they had one boyfriend in common and he was exposed that he was a cheating, serial boyfriend!!

October 3 is the National Boyfriend Day celebration and women usually take to social media to celebrate their boyfriends or husbands. It’s an unofficial holiday which those in relationships take seriously.

Seven women took to social media to celebrate their boyfriends which one called Charles and as it turns out, the seven of them were celebrating the same man.

7 women find out they are dating the same women

The ladies referred to the man as their baby daddy, boyfriend, boo and lover. National Boyfriend Day could also be used to celebrate a special friend in your life. So it is not certain if these ladies were being funny or if truly this man as been dating seven of them in secret.


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