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Inspiring!! Young Cameroonian Cedric Atangana Revolutionizes Mobile Money!!

On the African continent, the main obstacle for economic exchanges is the non-banking of about 800 million people. Cédric Atangana, in order to put an end to this scourge, sets up “We Cash Up”, a payment platform without a bank card.

The young 24-year-old from Cameroon, through Infinity Space, a social innovation start-up, born in Douala and developed in Nairobi, allows a large number of people to benefit from online payment without credit card.

His project has already received the first prize of the contest organized during the Swift conference on the Mauritius Islands. From now on, it creates a revolution in trade in Africa.

With its new platform “We cash up” and a team of 8 people, the objective is to allow communication between mobile money systems available in the 54 countries of Africa.


“Anyone with a mobile phone will be able to shop on any web or mobile application connected to the” We Cash Up “

Cédric Atangana was born from a family of 7 children and has always been attracted by computer science. “I’ve been interested in it since my brother, who is a computer scientist, gave me his old computer that I tweaked and modernized by going to download programs at the local cybercafé.”

After his Bac in 2011 with excellent results, Cédric joined the faculty of industrial engineering in Douala, one of the best schools in Cameroon.

In the same year, he presents a puzzle game at a computer event in Google in Cameroon with a developer contest on Android. He got a prize is becoming responsible for the Google committee in Cameroon.


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