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Inspiring! This Man Lost His Sight During War In Afghanistan But Now Is A Well Known Millionaire In His Country!!

The story of this Afghan seems to be ordinary for someone living in a war-torn country. However, despite his handicap, he knew how to rebound and become a millionaire. Sputnik recounts his impressive journey.

Zafar ad-Din, 48, lost sight during the war in Afghanistan when a bomb blast hit his head. He kept hoping to see his eyes even though treatment in Iran did not help him.

When he returned home after his hospital stay, he was unemployed but did not give up. Being the father of five children, Zafar ad-Din had no right to be defeated. So he decided to start his own business and today he is billionaire!

Zafar sells car parts and he admits that this work fascinates him.

“It’s not difficult to identify the details. I do it with my fingers. At the moment, I am selling parts for buses, vans, Ford cars and those from Japan, “ad-Din told Sputnik.


Besides, he does not work alone because his nephew, his brother’s son, helps him and organizes the delivery of the goods. In addition, being blind, the businessman must have assistants who will count the money carefully after the transactions.

In general, people remain correct with him and respect his disability, but Zafar has had to admit that there are also conflicting situations.

“Once, a customer bought parts for a tractor. Some time later, he brought me the box claiming that I had deceived him. I felt the pieces and felt they were covered with oil. The new parts we sell are never. This is how his evil intentions were unfolded, “says ad-Din, who proudly adds that until now, no one has managed to rip him off.

Apart from his business, the Afghan spends his time in the countryside where he raises cattle.

Zafar is now on the market and has about nine million Pakistani rupees (80,000 euros).

His clients have high regard for him and emphasize that it is not enough for Mr. ad-Din to touch any room, so that this blind expert can describe and evaluate it.


Written by How Africa

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