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INSPIRING: This is Madan Lal ; Born Without Arms, He Becomes A Famous Professional Tailor (Touching Video)

A 45-year-old man living in Haryana, India, has thwarted fate by becoming a professional tailor despite his disability. He has no arms. Madan Lal faced many prejudices as he grew up. In an interview, he stated that some schools had rejected him because of his disability.

He does his measurements with his feet.  Photo: Barcroft Images

Luckily for him, his grandparents cared for him and at the age of twenty-three, he decided to kiss the seam: “All I have to do in my life, I do it with my feet ; Cut the fabrics, take measurements and sew “. His training was difficult at first because many tailors thought he could not sew the clothes because of his disability. However, his determination has borne fruit.

Lal has won the confidence of his clients.  Photo: Barcroft Images

In just one year, he became so proficient that he opened his own workshop. Slowly but surely, he managed to convince customers who doubted his ability. He became very famous and his company was a great success.


He is now adept at stitching using his feet.  Photo: Barcroft Images

Lal said: “Some people said that I could spoil the clothes because I sew using my feet. Now, everyone in our village comes to my house to sew their clothes. It is the love and support I receive from people. ”

He also does many other things with his feet like shaving and relaxing playing cards with friends

Lal has learned to perform many tasks using his feet.  Photo: Barcroft Images

He also likes to play cards in his spare time.  Photo: Barcroft Images


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