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These Two Brilliant Sisters Start Fashion Line to Empower Toddlers Like Them

Sometimes last year, 7-year-old Stephanie Smith along with her sister 4-year-old Sam Smith formulated SASS-E Todds. The fashion line, which offers bold prints in an array of bright colours is an online-based company.

Patterson-Smith, the co-founder and CEO of SASS-E Todds saw the gifts that her daughters possessed and immediately thought to turn their talent into an opportunity for entrepreneurship.


The Smith sisters have turned their living room into a design and showroom. Once they create their merchandise by hand, a manufacturer in New Jersey then re-creates the blueprints and tests the designs with patrons.

Being business owners have brought about a sense of accomplishment and confidence within the sisters. Patterson-Smith explained, “Stephanie began as a very, very shy and inward little girl,” “But as soon as she got this thing that she could grab onto, it just really helped her be confident in other areas.”

“SASS-E Todds is short for Stephanie and Samantha Smith Empower Toddlers. Our mission is to inspire little ones everywhere to reach for the stars and follow their dreams. We firmly believe in our mantra, ‘There is no such thing as too little.’ We aspire to empower young minds by encouraging creativity and providing a platform to showcase talents.”


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