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Inspiring: These Ghetto Doctors Want to Rewrite Black History

At first glance, there is no doubt that Dr. Pierre Johnson, Dr. Max Madhere, and Dr. Joe Semien are medical graduates.

These three men have a mission to make black people have a better image in the world. It is because of the prejudices that people have towards them that they have decided to lead the fight.

“If we earned a dollar each time someone said ‘you do not look like doctors’, you’d be a billionaire. There is a prejudice in society that doctors can not look like us, and that we want to destroy first. ”


However, these black doctors are well and truly graduated from Xavier University in Louisiana. Moreover, they are author of a book called “Pulse of Perseverance: Three Black Doctors on Their Journey to Success. (Pulse of perseverance: three black doctors on their way to success).

“We all came out of the ghetto because we had ambition, but we were still in a process of transition,” they said.

For them, it is not because we are black ghetto that is necessarily doomed to failure, on the contrary, it should be an additional motivation to have a better life. “We want to give strength and inspire all the children who come from our neighborhood and who look like us by saying that there are realistic solutions to achieve success. None of these solutions appeal to what glorifies the media: sport and entertainment. Our main mission is to change the story, make a turning point in our culture, and redraw the pejorative portrait of the black man. The book is just a first step. ”

The three doctors say that the book not only talks about the hardships they experienced, but also offers solutions to change the statistics.

“The world still sees the black man in a negative way” and “that’s why we can get shot in the street with a large part of the population thinking that somewhere we deserve it. “


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