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Inspiring Story Of An African Billionaire, Alexander Amosu Who Received Honorary PhD Degree From The Same UK University He Dropped Out From.

His investment in luxury goods for the rich has earned him a place in the Guinness World Records book for creating the world most expensive suit. Early last year, he also created the world’s most expensive champagne which went for 1.8m dollars.

He said in his tweet;


‘I left university half way through my final year to focus on my business. No degree. Funny how life is, when they call you back to award you doctorate in entrepreneurship. Dr Alexander Amosu. Education is key, but life skills are also important’.

Alexander is one of the most famous luxury designers from Africa. His company Amosu Couture designs and sells diamond encrusted cell phones, ipads, headphones and other accessorizes.

He owned his first million when he was 24. Alexander was selling ring-tones for mobile phones. In 2004 he sold a company and used the fund for his new startup – Amosu Couture. His company also publishes the Nigerian edition of British celebrity magazine, “Ok!”.

He also sold the most expensive suit in the world to an anonymous Arab billionaire. The suit sold for millions of dollars was flown to Saudi Arabia in a private jet filled with security operatives.



Obviously, Alexander Amosu, who is based in London, is driven by a force which can only be explained by him.

“I think it has to do with wanting to achieve more than I have done,” he began. At age 38, he is worth millions of dollars and makes his money by personalising bespoke suits and mobile phones with very expensive diamonds.

“With me, there is never a satisfaction to success and I am always thinking about how to make it better. As a matter of fact, I haven’t achieved 10 percent of my ability. It is my mind doing the work and I am driving myself the more.”

The first person to start urban ringtones in Europe at age 24, he says the idea cropped up as a result of playing around with the then new Nokia 3210. He composed a ringtone, sent to his brother and it became an instant hit with his brother’s classmates, 21 of whom came knocking at his door. By age 25, he made his first million. At 26, he published ICON, a magazine and at 28, he floated his first television show called the Rich & Famous.

According to Amosu, a childhood experience gingered him to hardwork and a thirst for huge success. Born of Nigerian parents, he admits having a humble background.

Listen to the Inspiring startup story of  Alexander Amosu


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