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Inspiring: South African Entrepreneur Launches App-based TV Channel   


Lindani Mjezu, a young South African entrepreneur has launched the township’s first television mobile station.

Eyam Nawe TV channel, available on the web and mobile phones, has steadily garnered a network of followers in Tembisa Township and opened the door for many to showcase their broadcasting skills.

CGTN’s Julie Scheier met with Mjeru and filled this report.

With the logo of his internet TV station in the background, Lindani Mjezu energetically casts young talent from Tembisa Township.

Eyam Nawe TV – tells local stories by local talent.

“We have different content on Eyam Nawe Tv such as movies, drama, anything which affects young people and South Africans. Our main aim and objective is to educate everyone and give them hope. Even those who are HIV and have lost hope, we want to give them a platform and educate everyone about every content that we are doing.” Mjezu said.


Mjezu, an actor and director by profession saw a gap in the market and a need to create a platform for young rising stars.

“Here in South Africa we have few chances for young people especially who are unknown to make it through the mainstream so this mobile tv channel is giving a platform for everyone.” He noted.

And its here where Mjeru carries out the castings for his mobile television and these youngsters truly believe that it can make a difference in their careers.

“Yes its going to change my life, just being on a mobile TV, everyone will be watching so it will open many opportunities for me.  In SA it is so difficult to get a job, especially if you come from the township because you don’t know where to start.” Nokubonga Makhathini , a model said.

Many are seizing the chance to leap into cyberspace stardom. And the exposure clearly pays off.

“Now I am starting to get bookings because of Eyam Nawe TV, and what’s good about it is Lindani doesn’t ask for qualifications you don’t need to have experience, even if you don’t know how to act he teaches you, so for me he is creating a lot of employment for the youth out there. And I am happy to be a part of that.” Thokozani Mnguni an actor said.

A smartphone – a mobile app – and real stories is what Mjezu is betting on.

“The viewership from TV channels is decreasing day by day because everyone now has a smartphone and the advantage for Eyam Nawe and to be part of the International Mobile Channel, is we are increasing a lot of viewership. Eyam Nawe exists, whether you are in London or in Africa we are broadcasting Live.” Mjeru said.

Mjezu’s Project is still in its infancy but it wants to be the immediate and most popular way to broadcast what’s happening in Tembisa Township.


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