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Nigerian Without A Degree Builds Mini-Aircraft That Actually Flies

Aghogho is a young Confident Nigerian Young man. Judging from the video you can tell he believes himself. He has all the reasons to be proud because he has managed to build a flying miniature airplane. He built these planes from scratch and is already gaining international recognition for his inventions. This is such raw talent, is Africa ready to nature such skills and produce great innovations to rival those of other developed continents? What will it take to fund these ambitious talented young Africans? What can African governments do?


They have an inbuilt battery here that needs to be charged so that’s what I’m doing now  .

I need to charge the inbuilt battery that will power the electronics here so while that is going on I will need to fuel it.

This engine uses a special fuel but there is a  locally made fuel,  I will have to prepare that myself.


This is my filling station,  you got it.  so it’s time to fuel,  I don’t have problems with fuel scarcity, I dont have problems with 86 kobo a litre.

so show all the principles and theories of Flight is applied to the full size I also applied here you know so I’ll be talking about that later.

so you see the aileron that is for control purposes, hello all this alpha control purposes you see all these that are moving the director playing on the royal axis to stabilize the Wings.

it’s called the Royal axis then we see the horizontal control service on the tail it’s called the elevator it’s used to control the plane on the Peach Alfred that’s if you wanted to climb or dive yeah that’s the elevator

just see another vertical on moving left right there it’s called the rudder you see that it works like your normal stereo in a car to stay the aircraft left or right fast but takeoff and landing with seamless and fast brother of the green

cleared for takeoff let’s go let me show you something about maneuverability do you see the realistic airplane sound coming out


parts of a plane


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  1. Thousands of kids build model airplanes around the world???

    The writer of the article made it sound like this guy invented flight all by himself, a real genius???

    You don’t need a degree or doctor of science to build model aeroplanes

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