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Inspiring Medical Student In Awe As South Africans Come Together To Help Fund Her Studies

Vezokuhle Vezo Mgabhi is a third year medical student at The University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Desperate to complete her studies she asked for help.

Vezokuhle Vezo Mgabhi was inspired to become a doctor after losing her mother to TB. She was moved into her Aunts home but there too was faced with loss when her Aunt passed away a year later. Devastated by the losses, she decided to learn everything she could and applied to study medicine.

Vezokuhle got accepted into medical school and thankfully was offered help by a close family member. Her first two years were really successful and she realised she didn’t only want to be a doctor for her mother, it became a passion and life calling. She couldn’t see herself doing anything else.

“When I first applied to study medicine, my reasons were that I had lost two of my dearest mothers and I wished I could do something to help them. I felt so helpless and was so emotionally devastated.”

“Three years later into this degree, I know right now what I did not back then- I know and feel that this my calling and I don’t ever see my self doing anything else than medicine.”

“I love learning about everything medicine. I am a very hardworking individual and so passionate about giving a hand and applying my learned abilities to making a change in this field of healing.”


Sadly her family member was unable to continue funding her. Unwilling to give up she applied for the Department of Health bursary. She got the funding, but only for the next year, leaving her stuck on how to pay for the current one. Finally setting all pride aside she wrote a post on Facebook asking for help.

She shared her story of loss and struggle and South Africa listened. People started making donations, some on the platform Feenix, specifically designed for students requiring funding assistance in South Africa. And others have made deposits directly to the University in her name.

Seventeen funders have raised R9,000 in just a matter of days. People are truly inspired by Vezokuhle’s dedication and hard work. Both excellent qualities in a medical student and soon to be doctor.

She has made a promise that one day she will return these good deeds, pay it forward to another person that may need it. Truly an inspirational woman! To follow her story, check out her Facebook page.

“To all the potential funders of this platform , your efforts are highly appreciated once again. It never goes unnoticed and I for one hold the promise of giving back in future what has been given to me now.”

Sources: Facebook

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