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Inspiring! John Godson, ‘First Black Polish Lawmaker’ Visits Woman Who Believed in Him While He Was Growing Up

Nigerian and Former Polish lawmaker, Hon. John Godson, who was the first black member of the Polish Parliament in the country’s history, in a heartwarming Facebook post, shared a story of the woman who believed in him despite the ‘evil’ things he did while he was growing up. He said he started drinking and smoking at age 11, started stealing and doing all sorts of things but she still believed in him. Read his story below:

“Today I visited a special woman – a woman who had a very positive influence on me while I was growing up. I had not seen her for 33 years. Let me tell you about this woman. Her name is Mrs Anyanele from Isiala Mbano. Between 1976 and 1982 I was growing up in the school premises of Nbawsi Grammar school- where my dad was the Agric master.

I was a rebel to the core. I started using tobacco at the age of 8. Started smoking and drinking at 11. Starting chasing girls at 11. Twice I ran away from home for two weeks. I was a thief and there was no door I could not open. Everyone spoke evil of me. The future that was prophesied by all was that I would end up killed someday as an armed robber.

But our neighbor – Mrs Anyanele saw a different person in me. She always called me “Ezigbo” (Good boy) and spoke well of me. She saw the good in me. She looked beyond all the evils I did. Today I celebrate her. She is over 80 and I will never forget her and all those who believed and prayed for me.

Dear friends- If God can change me and bring me to where I am today- He can change anyone- no matter how hopeless. I must assure you I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t go through those times of rebellion.

And by the way – if you know her children – thank them for me. The ones I remember are: Nnanna Anyanele, Juliet Anyanele (NTA), Chidinma Ugorji, Ihuoma ???. May God bless them and exalt them.

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