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Here’s What Tara Lee Has To Say About Trump -“He does not care for African Americans”

Tara Lee still has three weeks to try to fulfill his dream. Paralyzed by a stray bullet during a gang shooting April 18, 2006, this African-American woman wants to walk again before his 30th birthday on 3 August. It is aware that time is short. “If I do not work I would at least try to” slip the young woman. It has launched a fundraising campaign in order to offer a new treatment. “With God all things are possible. I have faith and I will.


Psychodrama at the Republican convention, the day before caused by the speech of the wife of strangely resembling that of Michelle Obama there eight years, finds little echo in the Tara Lee’s apartment, 6 kilometers from the Quicken Loans Arena. A gulf separates the young African-American native of Cleveland is the Trump clan.

“Nothing changes”

It describes black neighborhoods sealed by armed violence and police blunders like the one that killed Tamir Rice, a young black boy of 12 in 2014. In East Cleveland, Arnold Black, an African- US brutalized by the police in 2012, was awarded $ 22 million in damages last month. Stray bullets, murder, collateral victims … Tara Lee made a death toll. “This is war. Last weekend, five people were killed and twelve others were injured,” she says. “A 2 year old daughter was shot and one person was killed Saturday in a demonstration against violence.” She continues: “Nothing changes See what happened with the police. (Note: Sunday at Baton Rouge where three officers were killed by a black) . It did not end well Too racial tensions. and there is also a lot of violence between blacks. ”


“Our life has value”

In this context, the advent of Donald Trump in the Republican Party and its security discourse worried Tara Lee. “I think it creates tension because he does not care about African-Americans,” she explains. “If you do not like black people, do you choose to govern only for whites?”


Monday, David Clarke, black sheriff of Milwaukee – one of the few African-Americans to be addressed during the first evening of the convention – was vigorously defended Donald Trump approach. He also criticized the move “Black Lives Matter”, created to protest against police violence involving blacks. “The Republicans say that the movement” Black Lives Matter “is a terrorist movement” responds Tara Lee, the young woman who made hip-hop in the small basement studio in his living room. “No! We just want people to realize that our life also has value. What can we do to not get us killed?”

Call for revolt


A twenty minute drive from his home on Cudell park still bears the scars of the death of Tamir Rice. Three crosses were planted in the ground and several stuffed animals were placed on a table near where the boy was killed by a white police officer, 22 November 2014. Glen, an activist of “Black Lives Matter” , sits nearby. He criticizes Donald Trump, but doubts the ability of Hillary Clinton, Democratic rival Trump, defend black life. In November, Glen says he will not vote in the presidential election. “But that does not mean that I stay at home to complain,” he says. “I will mobilize people to encourage them to fight for change.” As he speaks, a young woman painting a banner which she called Americans to revolt.


The incredible plagiarism Melania Trump

This is the first “buzz” of the Republican convention in Cleveland. Monday night in Ohio, Melania Trump, Donald’s third wife, tried to convince the US that her husband is an “incredible leader” and is “ready to lead the country.” The former model of 46? Years also took the podium offered him to share some of its values.

It has ensured that his parents taught him the importance of hard work, believe in your dreams, respect others and keep his word. Besides the banality of this statement she read on the teleprompter, Internet users have quickly noted that some passages of his speech were the same, almost word for word the speech … Michelle Obama at the Democratic convention 2008, who devoted her husband, Barack, running for President. And to prove it in stride. For the authors of Melania Trump speeches seem surprisingly have forgotten that in the Internet age, a few seconds to find videos on YouTube and show the deception.

“My parents made myself clear these values: work hard for what you want in life Your words are your engagement You must do what you say and keep your promises Treat people with respect…,” Has Melania Trump launched. The wife of the current president of the United States had, she said: “Barack and I were raised with so many common values: work hard for what you want in life Your words are your commitment and you. do what you said. Treat people with dignity and respect. ”

Melania Trump again: “We must pass these lessons on to future generations because we want the children of this country know that the only limit to what you do is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work to achieve them..” Michelle Obama. “Barack and I are trying to build lives based on these values and pass them on to the next generation because we want our children – and all children in this country – to know that the only limit to the greatness of this you do is realize your dreams and your willingness to work to achieve them. ”

Besides this incomprehensible blunder, the start of the convention, one of the main goals is to show a Republican Party united behind its candidate, was also disrupted by anti-Trump delegates who loudly booed the officials during a convention voting procedure.

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