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Inspiring: Meet Maxwell Chikumbutso, the Zimbabwean Inventor Who is Excelling Without Formal Training

27-year-old Zimbabwean Maxwell Chikumbutso has invented what looks like the world’s first ever green power generator which can produce electricity using radio frequencies. He has designed and built an electric powered vehicle and hybrid helicopter which uses six different types of fuel.

Having dropped out of school, he has no formal training in technology or science, just revelations of blueprints and visions which he has used to formulate his inventions.

In 1997, Chikumbutso founded Saith Technologies. “While praying at a certain mountain he received the scripture in Isaiah 46 from where the name Saith Technologies came, as in “thus saith the Lord” he explained to Techzim.


Chikumbutso originally wanted to become a mechanic. In 1999, he formed his first project, a radio broadcast transmitter. He broadcasted illegally and scrapped his project due to lack of funding.

In 2001, Chikumbutso developed a digital navigation facilitator used to enable landing of aircraft according to its size, speed and positioning.

After several failed partnerships and funding issues, Chikumbutso relocated to the United States in 2017, “The USA Government saw what Africa did not and California is now our HOME, the Head Office of Saith Holdings Inc. I always love AFRICA and I’m so proud of being born and raised in AFRICA. I will surely come back to Zimbabwe where everything started,” he confirmed.


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