Inspiring: Encouraging Things You Should Tell Yourself Everyday

How we wake up in the morning can have a huge bearing on the way the rest of our day goes. If we wake up in a bad mood, it’s likely that the rest of our day won’t get any better.

Similarly, if you wake up in a good mood and tell yourself positive things, there’s a fab chance that the rest of your day will be perfect.

For a better, happier and more loving you, there are things you can tell yourself each and every day. Here are 10 encouraging things to tell yourself daily that will lift your spirits.

Everyday Is A New Day

We all have bad days. But just because yesterday went badly, it doesn’t mean that today has to follow suit. By focusing on the events of the previous day, you’re letting in bad energy – and you’re failing to live in the present. As such, today will not feel like a fresh day, but will instead be an extension of yesterday when everything went wrong.

It’s important to wake up each day and tell yourself that today is an entirely new day. It’s a blank canvas, from which you can lay down new thoughts and dreams. Today is a new day to start again, to make progress and to live in the moment.

I Am Good Enough

Are you good enough? You bet you are! Wake up each morning and tell yourself that you absolutely are good enough. Once you say this, you will start to believe it.

No Obstacle Is Insurmountable

Life occasionally throws up the odd obstacle that appears insurmountable. But sometimes you have to remember that problems are relative.

For example, it’s not as though you’re responsible for developing a space craft to mars, or fighting off a pack of lions. Your problems are not insurmountable. With determination and clarity of thought, everything you come up against can be overcome.

I Can Be Whatever I Want To Be

“Some people say I have attitude – maybe I do … but I think you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right there.”

     – Venus Williams

Self-belief is incredibly important for self-love. If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, you’ll struggle to love yourself.

Self-belief isn’t something that just comes, but by saying to yourself over and over again that you can achieve whatever you want and be whatever you want to be, you will start to develop an incredible sense of self-esteem.

Each Day Is An Opportunity

When we don’t love ourselves, we have a tendency to view each day as just something to get over before we can return to the safety of our beds at night. Viewing each day in this way means you are missing out on so many opportunities that could be opening up new worlds to you.

It’s Okay To Fail


People who think it’s bad to fail tend to be people that fall apart whenever they do fail.

“I’m a loser,” they lament. “I should never have tried in the first place. I obviously suck.”

But did you know what it’s perfectly okay to fail? Everyone has failed, even the most successful people on the planet. Steve Jobs failed, Leonardo Da Vinci failed, Albert Einstein failed.

Your failures don’t define you. Rather, it is how you react to failure that defines you.

I Don’t Need Validation From Other People

Do you care about what other people think and say of you? I used to. I used to give a lot of weight on what others were saying about me, and I’d really beat myself up if they criticised me, or said I shouldn’t try this or that.

Your friends and family don’t love you as much as you love yourself – and that’s okay. They’re not obliged to. But what this means is they don’t always have your best interests at heart. So rather than giving their opinions a lot of weight and taking what they say to heart, listen to it but make your own decisions that suit you.

I’ve Got So Much To Smile About

When I was at my lowest, I found it hard to smile about anything. Why? Because I was so focused on other people and what they had that I totally ignored the good things I already had. I was jealous of their cars, their husbands and their careers. But once I started to be grateful for the amazing things I had in my life, I began smiling more.

If it helps, write down a list of all the things you have in life to be grateful. It could include any number of things, including your health, pets, your friends and family, a roof over your head, any talents you have and so on.

Life Goes On

We’ve all suffered a traumatic episode that appears as though it could ruin us for life. Whether it’s a catastrophic breakup, or a job loss, these traumatic episodes can impact us so much that they effect everything we do in life. And this is a bad thing.

To love yourself, you need to break free from the past and remember that you are not the sum total of your experiences and thoughts. Free these episodes from your mind, flush them out of your system and remember that, whatever happens, life always moves on. Nothing stays the same forever. We always overcome.

It Is Never Too Late

“It’s too late,” is such a cliched excuse used by people who don’t love themselves enough to believe in themselves. But guess what? You are not too late for anything.

No matter who you are, where you live, or how old you are, you have the power within you to alter and become an extraordinary version of you. Ignore doubters and naysayers who say that your (and theirs) time has passed and remember that the only time that exists is right now.


Written by How Africa

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