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Inspiring: At 7, Michelle is the Youngest Writer in Africa

“To well-born souls, value does not wait for the number of years.”

At 7, Michelle is the youngest writer in Africa. Indeed, Michelle Nkamankeng, is a talented girl. She has an innate passion for writing. She makes her own book with A4 sheets folded in two, connected by staples and tape. His work already looks like a real book, with the name of the aspiring author and the title of his work on the cover. On the last page is drawn a big heart. She writes a message: “I hope you had a good time reading this book . ” It is however in secret that the little South African wrote, with the green and purple pen, “Waiting for the waves”.

Inspiration: At 7, Michelle is the youngest writer in Africa

Then she convinced her parents to publish her book. Michelle’s parents cautiously welcome the manuscript. “When she gave me her book,” recalls her mother Lolo Nkamankeng, “I put it in the library.” But Michelle does not give up. She returns to the charge a few weeks later with a second and even a third book. “If you do not take me seriously, I stop writing,” she threatens.

Little Michelle is considering becoming a pediatrician and writer.

A year later, his dream came true. “Waiting for the waves” is a fifty-page booklet printed on glossy paper and beautifully illustrated by a South African artist. It is on Amazon that his book is put on sale. In addition, Michelle has become one of the youngest African writers and a source of inspiration for her classmates.


Inspiration: At 7, Michelle is the youngest writer in Africa

“My brothers and sisters knew  I was writing  because they always come to my room. But I told them to keep the secret because I wanted to make a surprise to mom and dad ,  says the girl in a cheerful tone. The book tells the story of Titi, double of Michelle, who learns to overcome her fear of the waves.

“More than the book itself, I’m proud of Michelle’s ability to express herself with so much confidence . ” Through her experience, “other kids are discovering that it’s possible to achieve remarkable things because they have an example, a model that has done it,” Judge Colin Northmore, director of Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg where is educated the girl.

Inspiration: At 7, Michelle is the youngest writer in Africa

“Here are the tips I give to kids who want to write books: Keep your dreams alive, always trust yourself, do not let anyone get in the way, and if you can not read, you will not be able to write.” says Michelle in a speech already well honed.

Inspiration: At 7, Michelle is the youngest writer in Africa



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