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Inspiring: A woman with cancer of the breast feed her baby with one breast

A woman with cancer of the breast with her left breast already cut off was pictured breastfeeding her new born baby.The highly emotional picture which has gone viral online has elicited praise from people, appreciating the strength of the woman.

According to the midwife centre that published the pics online, she had planned a peaceful water birth but early in her pregnancy, noticed a suspicious breast lump.

After separate evaluations and reports saying it was “probably benign”, she consulted a breast specialist. The lumps were biopsied and mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer around 20 weeks pregnant. She had a left breast mastectomy a few days later and immediately started chemo while pregnant with her miracle baby.



At 36 weeks, she was induced and birthed a perfectly healthy baby BOY. She really wanted to breastfeed after having many of her birth choices and preferences taken from her if only for a short time because cancer treatments resume when she is discharged from the hospital. After her baby was born, he latched to her right breast all on his own and the room was full of emotion.

These images show the incredible strength and love through the art of breastfeeding. Join us in wishing both mother and child well and please pray for her and her miracle baby. They have a long road ahead, the midwife centre says. Second pic of her crying is after the cut.


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  1. You are an amazing inspiration to all expectant mothers, I wish you and your beautiful baby all the best 🙂

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