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INSPIRING!! A 12-Year-Old Nigerian Student Built An App To Help Lost Kids Get Back Home!!


In a country that is battling its own share of economic setbacks, some bright lights continue to persist. Tomisin Ogunnubi is one of such bright lights who has brought forward a solution to a problem that she noticed.

A number of thought leaders have spoken of the advantages that a country can benefit from when girls are involved in tech and you need to look no further than this 12-year-old girl to back up those statements.

Just a few weeks ago, 12-year-old Nigerian student Tomisin Ogunnubi finished up on the development of her Android mobile tracking app, My Locator. The motive behind her development of the app was the need to help lost kids find their way back home.

Tomisin worked on the app under the supervision of an Information and Communications Technology partnership between her school, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, and New Horizons Computer Learning Centre. With them, she was able to get the skills and knowledge she needed to build the app she always wanted to.


Tomisin Ogunnubi

How does Tomisin Ogunnubi’s My Locator App work?

With the ‘current location’ setting on the app, the child is able to know where they are exactly and the neighboring streets around them. If the child still is not able to find their way, the app which allows the kids to save a location – like their house or school – will then direct them on how to get from wherever they are to that saved location.

The My Locator App also features an alert button connected to the Lagos State Emergency Service number (767). When that button is pressed, the emergency number is called and a message showing the child’s current location will be sent to them for help.

If you are in Lagos, Nigeria, you can download Ogunnubi’s app on any android phone for free right here.

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