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Inspiring!! 4 Years Ago, She Was Treated Like A “Monkey” Because She’s “Black”, Today She Is An Olympic Medalist! An Incredible Revenge On Life!!

When Brazil won its first medal of the Olympic Games in the pistol shooting event, the ironic comments of users on social networks are not immediate. These joking, with more or less good taste, referring to crime (real or imagined) of the country.


But the gossips may well be silent. For now, the second Brazilian medal from another discipline, judo -. And it is a woman, black, native to a favela, which offers Brazil its first gold medal at home

yet there barely 4 years ago, received a monkey treatment and was told that she had nothing to do with the Olympics. Story.

Her name Rafaela Silva, she is 24 years old, and her history is that of a sacred revenge on life. Cidade de Deus The young athlete has indeed grown in the famous, a favela in the mountainous enclave in south west of Rio, which was made infamous by the eponymous film “City of God” – co-directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund. This community, which was long known as the most dangerous area of Rio, is still torn by violence, crime and social deprivation.

In this area of extreme poverty, in the street, the small Rafaela, 7, does not hesitate to fight against the local boys. His parents then enroll in a judo school for the channel. Led to another, and strength training, talent eventually be noticed and in 2012 she was selected to participate in the London Olympics.

This is where his career was almost destroyed, when disqualified following a blunder, and that it becomes the insults because of his skin color target.

“Monkey” “You belong in a cage, not the Olympics”

At the London Olympics in 2012, the young woman had indeed been the target of an endless stream of racist insults, which came close to the disgust of the sport and make him end his career.She had indeed been disqualified because of a decision considered irregular, earning the hatred and ridicule.


“I arrived in my room, I took my phone in search of support, help, message … And all it was was of messages insults, saying that instead of a monkey that was being in a cage, not the Olympic Games, I was a disgrace to the whole competition. this made me very badly. “

At that time, it lacks drop everything, to abandon the sport and draw a line on his career in judo.

“I managed to prove what I wanted, that is to say, to show that I could do. They criticized me in a moment of weakness and defeat, but I could get up and reach the top. It a year ago, I wanted to give up the sport, and a year later I was the first Brazilian judo world champion. “

Now Brazil celebrates its first gold medal at home, and racist fell silent. Too bad all the same that it took this to prove to some that yes, an Afro-Brazilian does have its place in the Olympics.

On the podium, the face of Rafaela Silva is dripping tears, happiness and especially of emotion:“That someone like me who comes from the Cidade de Deus and started judo unpretentious eventually become champion Olympic is inexplicable! ” ” only God knows how much I suffered and what I did to get here. ” demotivateur

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