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Inside Mesut Ozil’s £10m Luxury Mansion that Has 6-Bedrooms and £800k Worth of Cars

Flipboard: Inside Mesut Ozil's £10m luxury mansion that has 6 ...Mesut Ozil’s £10million mansion in north London is something worth looking at not only from the outside alone.

The luxury house has paintings of Turkish heritage on the walls, the living room decked out in marble as well as six bedrooms, enough to house his family if there are plans to expand in the future.

The marbles used in his living room were shipped in from Turkey, while the home was designed by an interior designer friend.


Ozil’s living room is a bronze-framed painting of Selim III, the reform-minded Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1789 to 1807.


The house also includes a PlayStation room, a cinema room and a dressing room, which houses a huge shoe collection with high-end brands like Adidas Yeezy, Louis Vuitton and Louboutin.

Inside the garage of the Arsenal midfielder, a collection of cars worth £800,000 are parked which his £350k weekly wages can afford in less than three weeks.

Being an ambassador for Mercedes Benz, the former Real Madrid star has a collection including an S-Class coupe AMG and a G-Wagon.

The former German international recently refused to accept a 12.5 per cent wage cut but the Arsenal’s No.10 has shown no signs of leaving his London base soon.

The undefeated boxer with a 50-0 record is one of two sportsmen to hit the £1billion mark in terms of earnings from what he loves doing.

The 43-year-old gave an insight into one of his homes in Beverly Hills on social media, showing off what is inside.

It is understood that Mayweather paid an extra £370,000 on the mansion having made a staggering £74m when he fought UFC star Connor McGregor in2017.


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