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How India’s Human Hair Factory Helps Africa

At Hindu temples in India’s southern states, thousands of women have their locks shaved off by temple barbers as a form of sacrifice.

Their locks are then sold and the business is a lucrative one, with thousands of tonnes of hair being sold in India every year.


Justine Lang reports on why Indian women are willing to sacrifice their natural hair.

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  1. And exactly how is it that these women’s fake hair is helpful to Africa ? Are you implying that African women are destined to be bald because that’s how you sound? What exactly is happening to Black Africans ? Are you beginning to fall so in love with westerners money and hair that now you feel a sacrifice to their god’s who pray for their people who continuously disrespect Africans is a help to you…FYI on what happened to a Nigerian woman on a Ghanian based news site covered, THEY STRIPPED HER DOWN OKAY IN PUBLIC AND YOU COULD SEE THE MAN FROM INDIA KICKING HER ALL IN BETWEEN HER LEGS LEAVING HER EMBARRASSED AND HUMILIATED AND NOW YOU UP ON HERE BOASTFUL ABOUT THEY HAIR? SCREW THEY FU$%&NG HAIR AND GROW YOUR OWN…you know people of color are truly amazing you complain all the time about the lack of respect your given when will you learn they will never respect you when they can clearly see that you WORSHIP them their hair probably their skin the way their country is set-up and all the rest of it no respect until Africa can start loving itself

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